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These videos have been made from the original voice interviews with the “Three”, which became the stories for ‘The School Never Asked’. Do check them out!

Health Promotion Board’s FAQ on sexuality

“Homosexuality is the emotional, romantic and sexual attraction to someone of the same sex. ‘Gay’ is commonly used to describe men who are attracted to men, and ‘lesbian’ for women who are attracted to women. Bisexuality is the attraction to both sexes.

Many people think that homosexuality and heterosexuality are on opposite ends of the sexuality spectrum, with bisexuality in the middle. In reality, human sexuality is much more complex.” – Health Promotion Board’s FAQ on sexuality

For more information about sexuality and sexual identity, please visit the Health Promotion Board’s FAQ on sexuality.

Article about The School Never Asked on Fridae

“I want to bring out their experiences for other students, to show [that teen emotional problems are] not the end of the world, that they’re not a struggle that will never end,” she says. “Other girls have been through this. So don’t worry. It’s all right.”

Read the article here.

The School Never Asked event at the Substation

Felicia Low will present her research to date in the form of an exhibition in The Substation Gallery. Felicia is an Associate Artist of The Substation, and The School never Asked is her work-in-progress presentation under The Substation’s AARP.

Read about the event here.

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